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Mastah K is rocking the turntables for over 20 years. Sonic Bang, Rotzlöffel's Hifi, Upliftment International and the Hotta Fire Reggae Station were some of his projects in Leipzig that shaped the music community.


Focused on Jamaica in the early years with Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall, Mastah K has recently discovered his preference for music in the Lesser Antilles. Trinidad and Tobago, where the culture is immensely diverse and the rum is never done, where one fete chases the next and a purpose of life seems to be to make the best possible time from one carnival to the next, occupy a special position in his heart.


But one of Mastah K's motto is "Soca all across the Caribbean" and so the massive always get a varied musical island hopping from Trinidad and Tobago to the Bahamas, every time Mastah K plays the turntables. For him there are no such things as large or small soca islands, in point of music, all the islands are great.


 Host: Josi aka Endo Fiene


  • has expertise in tv production, editoring and journalim

  • works as a self-employed lecturer and teaches german as foreign language at University

  • in love with reggae ever since, socaholic since 2007 but prefers calypso from wayback than

  • is her own costume designer, specialty: sparkling crowns

  • the perfect day 2019, so far: Traditional fishing in Castara at 5am and exploring the rainforest afterwards, some roti and a 1919 in the blistered hand to let the evening fade away while listening to the sound of nature.

  • besides dancing in a carnival to do wind- or kitesurfing makes her forget all troubles

  • favorite word: dingolay

  • gets hangry at least one time a day

  • the answer to life, the universe and everything: 42