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Born in the Beautiful Island of Barbados, fascinated since his youth with the love of music, DJ Storm felt that his love for music and his desire to learn the craft must began. From every scratch on the turntables, to making exclusive mixes DJ Storm learned the art of music at a rapid pace. This is when the career begun for DJ Storm.


Migrating from Barbados to New York in 1992, he started a music group entitled, "Veteran Intl." He was granted the opportunity to work for a record label called, "Article One Production." This is when his career transformed into producing mixtapes and making exclusive mixes. His official radio DJ career started at this point with underground radio stations in New York. He was then introduced to local and international events as an upcoming DJ.


With the success of this portion in his career, he changed his name to DJ Shadow Storm. After a year of his success, he branched out on his own from the Shadow and gained the name DJ Storm.


Creditability includes stage shows with multiple Caribbean artists such as Wyclef, Farmer Nappy, Bunji Garlin, Gyptian, Rupee, Mikey, Big Red, Tanya Stephens, Sherwin Winchester and Glen Washington just to name a few. He has solidified himself as a well-respected Caribbean DJ.


DJ Storm is currently based in Atlanta, with the accessibility to travel internationally for performances. He is a currently one of the top Disc Jockey’s on internet radio stations based out of Atlanta, New York and Trinidad.


"The Sky is no longer the limit, above all atmosphere success in sight"